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Most of our pictures are from Deutsche Bahn. You can find further details about the photos and the photo files to download here: DB media library:

The image, audio and video files in the media library are available free of charge for journalistic editorial use (for example for PowerPoint presentations, work documents, documentation). The indication copyright (Deutsche Bahn) and author / photographer is absolutely necessary with any use of picture files from the mediathek.

The Deutsche Bahn pictures are from the following photographers: Annette Koch, Bartlomiej Banaszak, Christian Bedeschinski, Christian Martin, Frank Kniestedt, Gregor Fischer, Holger Peters, Kai Michael Neuhold, Martin Busbach, Max Power, Michael Kuchinke-Hofer, Michael Neuhaus, Oliver Lang, Ralf Kreuels, Silvia Bunke, Uwe Miethe, Uwe Winkler, Volker Emersleben

We also use additional pictures from 

Dominik Tryba /
Max Power / 
Miacael Kuchinke-Hofer /
Sven Hilscher /
Frank Herrmann / 
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