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We are constantly looking for innovations for our company. In 2018 we restructured the DB Accelerator and changed the batch logic. We decided to give the new program a new name: DB StartupXpress. If you have a solution that takes Deutsche Bahn to the next level, then apply for DB StartupXpress!  From now on applications for all topics can be submitted at any time. Therefore the StartupXpress runs on a regular monthly timetable. In addition to that there is a special timetable with deadlines for individual topics

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Deadlines for special topics

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25.03.2018 midnight (Berlin time): solutions for DB Cargo (Logistics)

The focus is on new products and services, supplementary services and quality improvements for DB Cargo. We are looking for rail freight applications, such as

  • new forms of data analysis and decision support, eg customer demand, waggon availability and arrival forecasts (ETAs),
  • new / modified business models,
  • platforms and digital marketplaces with internal (eg free waggons) and new external offerings,
  • digital consignment note,
  • complaint management,
  • etc.
25.03.2018 midnight (Berlin time): solutions for HR at Deutsche Bahn

Digital technologies are permeating new ways of recruiting, working, learning, and engaging employees. Take the opportunity to test your technology and solution to enhance the future of human resources within Deutsche Bahn. We are looking for innovative ideas how to recruit and retain employees. Test your prototype and business model together with us to transform the way of work. 

You have a solution in one of the following fields? Apply now!


  • Matching algorithms and platforms
  • Competence management and self assessment
  • ...


  • Data driven decision making and people analytics
  • Digital assistance for time and health management
  • ...


  • Participation, feedback and communication tools
  • Digital learning and knowledge management
  • ...

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