Future of Operations & Maintenance 2021

During the DB mindbox 100-day program the startups develop a Proof of Concepts (PoC). Additionally, startups receive 25.000€ and access to a network of selected coaching and mentoring experts.


Deutsche Bahn not only wants to detect errors faster but also fix them even more thoroughly to improve punctuality and service. To achieve this, it relies on the latest algorithms and new ways of prediction to prevent defects before they even occur.

Predictive Analytics

Help us transition from interval-based to condition-based maintenance to detect defects before they even occur.

Remote Support for Field Workers

Bring our centralised expert knowledge virtually on-site to our field workers without the need to travel.

Innovative Non-Destructive Testing

Create new possibilities for testing our equipment and infrastructure to the utmost of their performance.

Visual Inspection

Improve our maintenance by analyzing and detecting irregularities of train parts and infrastructure.

Monitoring of processes, trains and infrastructure

One of the main tasks of Deutsche Bahn is to monitor its comprehensive infrastructure. Therefore we are looking for new and innovative technologies and hardware solutions to constantly optimize processes and guarantee operations.

Rail Elongation

Pursue with us an in-depth analysis of the status quo on rail elongation and resulting anomalies. Combine existing fault reports with ambient factor data like sunshine and air temperature. Derive insights for us to improve the focus of our on-site activities and pave the way for condition based maintenance.

Construction Data Structuring

Find a way to reorganize our messy construction data and find the right document as easily as possible.

Process Mining for Standardisation

Help us identify, monitor and improve processes and extract knowledge from current data.

Cable & Fibre Monitoring

Provide possibilites to analyze our cables and fibres for a fast detection and rectification of defects.

Smart Tech

Deutsche Bahn moves about 2 billion people every year. Support us in this task by facilitating our daily business with the newest technology and smartest materials.

Geo-Localisation for Trains & Objects

Work with us to improve the positioning of our trains, infrastructure, and devices as accurately as possible.

Intelligent Sensor Tech

Help us advance our infrastructure and equip it with the latest sensor technology.

Talking Infrastructure

Get our infrastructure to let us know if something is needed or if it is in danger of breaking down soon.

Smart Materials

Today's materials can do more than their ancestors. From micro to nano, smart materials are increasingly capable of fulfilling non-mechanical functionalities. Share your idea on how we can develop our materials to become even smarter in construction and production.


Operating a company like Deutsche Bahn is a heavy-duty job. Hence, finding innovative ways with you on how we can operate our system more efficiently is our goal.

Energy Consumption Prediction

Forecast the energy consumption of our high speed trains in varying situations to run our trains even more efficiently and sustainably.

Radio Coverage

Measuring the global system for mobile communications – rail (GSM-R) coverage follows an industrially standardised measurement procedure by taking additional measurements every ten centimeters along the route. We are looking for a sensor solution to increase the reliability and speed of this and aim for seamless integration of the analysis results into our system databases.

Intelligent Loading System (Sylt Shuttle)

Optimise the logistics around our Sylt Shuttle terminals by bringing together data from different sources (e.g. existing car-detection cameras) to calculate a real-time optimal loading system with a timing & navigation system for arriving passengers.

Sensor tracking

Help us tracking the motion and position of our tools in our facilities on a precise millimetre-level.


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