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DB mindbox opens its doors periodically for a matchmaking event called "meet@mindbox".The idea is to match startups or founders with the "right" business units and decision makers of Deutsche Bahn. Startups exclusively have the chance to present their idea within 3 minutes on stage (mini pitch) to a DB internal audience. Afterwards there's time to get in touch with DB experts at an inhouse exhibition.

Dates meet@mindbox

  • meet@mindbox #1 at 02/11/2016
  • meet@mindbox #2 at 06/30/2016
  • meet@mindbox #3 at 01/12/2017
  • meet@mindbox #4 at 23/11/2017

meet@mindbox Feburary 2016

meet@mindbox June 2016

meet@mindbox November 2017

Impressions of the 4th meet@mindbox meetup

Sundowner – by invitation only

The DB Sundowner is a format to support the exchange of founders, young and mature corporations about innovation. The idea is to create an open atmosphere to learn about the special needs and solutions of the participants and discuss about the potencial for cooperation.

DB mindbox is delighted to organize this kind of workshops and help DB business units to exchange with young founders, entrepreneurs and innovation officers of coroprates or SMEs. After introduction and a moderated discussion or workshop there will be enough time to exchange with the participants. Talks about future possibilities while looking at the river Spree with a glass of beer or wine - that defines the very heart of this format: "sundowner".