In addition to the DB Accelerator, Deutsche Bahn is constantly looking for young teams that have a hardware focus. For that we cooperate with the betahaus and their tech-accelerator Since summer 2016, betahaus and DB mindbox have run the accelerator program together. They look for new tech teams worldwide. Betahaus and DB have teamed up with other corporate partners such as Siemens, Bosch, Audi and BVG to find new potential partners.

Startups can get:


  • 4 x 1,000 € cash prices
  • wildcard for final DB Accelerator pitch
  • access to VCs


  • get access to hardware community
  • ½ year betathaus membership
  • access to BETAPITCH global


  • industry insights / 1:1 exchange
  • development time with partners
  • consultation from top mentors

Corporate partners can get:

  • possibility to define search fileds
  • selection of applicants
  • direct access to the teams

  • access to alumni tech-startups
  • exclusive dinners / events
  • 1:1 sessions with startups

  • definition of joint project
  • startups for corporate accelerators
  • development partnerships Batches

toggle all Batch 4 (Summer 2016)

In summer 2016, the first betahaus and DB accelerator started. Together with BVG, Siemens and Bosch beyond, Deutsche Bahn was looking for startups.

This have been the search fields:
- Sensors for infrastructure, smart trains
- Sensor solutions for error detection (predictive maintenance), innovative uses or displays
- Sound absorption or cancellation tech
- Positioning tech (gps or other navi services)
- Wearables for industry application
- Connectivity inside of vehicles
- Car / mobility electronics (cameras, displays, navi assistance, connectivity, wifi,..)
- 3d printing technology for spare parts
- Island energy systems
- Monitoring systems for the logistics
- Connectivity solutions for software-over-the air

This teams applied the 4th batch: 
- Open Capacity (Great Britain)
- Freight Cloud (Germany)
- SecondScreen (India)
- NeurofoxUG (Germany)
- BioWatch (Switzerland)
- Trustless (Italy)
- Neuron Soundware (Tzech Republic)
- MultiPass UK (Great Britain)
- BINe (Poland)
- Phrame (USA) 

At the end of the program DB offered the startup Neuron Soundware a wildcard for the DB Accelerator Program. Neuron Soundware was chosen to take part in the pitch event as one of twelve startups. Finally Neuron Soundware was selected to access a seat in the fourth batch of the DB Accelerator Program. Batch 5 (Winter 2016/2017)

In December 2017 we started with the 5th batch of This time Audi, Siemens and Bosch beyond are the platinum partners we work together with betahaus and DB mindbox. There have been four major search fields:

Transportation: Navigation, Traffic, Parking and Trip Planning

Logisitcs: Shipping & Tracking, End to End Tracking, Logistics & Delivery, Fleet Management, Urban Fulfillment Hubs

Vehicles: Smart Vehicles & E-Mobility, Smart Construction Vehicles, Internet of Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, Future Transport Systems, Aerospace Vehicles

Industry Information: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & IoT, Customer Interaction, Smart Maintenance

We had a lot of applications and eight teams came to join the actual batch. Here is the international team list:

- Car2ad (Germany)
- Sensefinity (Portugal)
- BEAD (Turkey)
- remora (Costa Rica)
- DRONAMICS (Bulgaria)
- Joyride (Canada & England)
- dox (Lebanon)
- Dorbeetle (Estonia)

At the demoday (27. of Feb.) Deutsche Bahn has chosen Dorbeetle that will get a wildecard for one of the following DB Accelerators. 

Photos: by Dominik Tryba Batch 6 (Summer 2017)

For Batch 6, running from July 17th to July 31st, industire partners are this time: Audi, Conrad Electronics, Deutsche Bahn and Saint-Gobain. We focus on IoT & hardware. Topic was "The Quality of Life in the Smart City". We were looking for startups in the following fields:


- Conneted Life: Smart Buildings & Homes, Saftey, Quality of Air & Water, Consumer electronics, AR & VR gadgets

- Big Data: Connected Devices & Sensors, User Interaction, Artificial Intelligence

- Clan Energy: New Sources, Clean Energy & Tech, Energy Harvesting & Storage, Smart Grid & Energy Usage

- Smart City: City Planning, Crowd Management, Smart Transport, Traffic & Fleet Management, Micro Mobility, Public Transport, Waste Management

The startups for the batch were: 

Nextlabs from Bangalore, India (voice controlled intelligent assistant to automate existing non-IoT and various home functions)

iBreve from Berlin, Germany (digital health solution focused on helping people fight, prevent, and treat stress by analyzing breathing patterns in real time)

Mero Tech from Toronto, Canada (IoT company aiming to improve operational facility by creating smart buildings, starting in the restroom)

SONORRARI from Berlin, Germany (physically sense and feel sound & music on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet and anywhere on your body)

NanoIC from Milpitas, CA, USA (fabless and system semiconductor company aimed at detecting counterfeit goods)

Kwema from Cincinnati, OH, USA (a security network that connects women in threatening situations with immediate help)

HomyHub from London, UK (simple, convenient, and safe way to access your garage from anywhere at anytime)

Mio Mobile Kiosk from Lithuania (a small robot integrated with many features meant to save you time and add value into your life)


Photos: by Dominik Tryba