3rd DB Hackathon: #OpenData @DB Infrastructure, December 2015, 11th & 12th

What we want to achieve

Opening our data to the worldwide community is one of our goals. We want to use the hackathons to encourage the community to collaborate with us.

Discover our data portal

  • Our open data portal data.deutschebahn.com gives you access to select data sets
  • Help us validate our data and give us feedback

Build and test projects

  • Use the data any way you want to and test or create your own applications
  • Find out more about the first projects, such as BahnRoulette

Join our community

  • Meet inspiring people from the DB and the Open Data World
  • Be the first to know about the next steps surrounding #dbopendata
  • Showcase your projects and your skills

We offer

To explore our data in a more hands-on way, our published data includes information on Jannowitzbrücke, the location of the hackathon.

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  • Installed iBeacon technology
  • OpenStreetMap mapping of hallways, stairs, lifts, toilets and doors
  • Operational status data of the lifts
  • and datasets via data.deutschebahn.com/datasets/
Open Sessions

Friday, 15:30 – 18:00 Open Sessions (de/en)

The sessions are intended to be think-tanks, where concepts and ideas are exchanged; the topics are related to the on-site teams. In addition to the continuous development of the Open Data Portal, Deutsche Bahn focuses on the usability of new applications.

Suggestions for future topics:

  • Further development of Open-Data-Portal
    What is good, what is bad, what is missing?
  • Alpha version elevator API
  • How can we bring together the community and the Bahn, in order to validate our data?
  • Inputs from BVG focusing on questions like, "What does the customer want?" and "What can we learn from the failures and successes of other railway companies?"
  • Raspberry Pi meets Rail
  • Rail2X – the railroad crossing talks to your car
  • ...

Mentors from Deutsche Bahn, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and more will be there to support you during the hackathon.

  • Andreas Kluge, DLR
  • Axel Mauruszat, BVG
  • Constantin Müller (@ubahnverleih), OpenStreetMap
  • Dirk Tegetmeier, BVG Jaime, relayr
  • Jonas Deister, Sozialhelden
  • Michael Kreil, Science and Stories
  • Michael Reichert, OpenStreetMap/OpenRailwayMap
  • Roland Wagner, Professor for Geoinformatics with Location Based Applications and Spatial Data Infrastructures at the Beuth University of Technology Berlin
  • Stefan Kaufmann, OKFN Open Transport Working Group
  • Walter Palmetshofer, OKFN
  • and many Data Experts from Deutsche Bahn

Location and Schedule

3rd #dbhackathon

2015 December, 11th: 12am (doors) / 2pm (start) - 2015 Decemer, 12th 6pm (end)

mindbox, S-/U-Bahnhof Jannowitzbrücke
Holzmarktstraße 6-9
10179 Berlin

Daten von OpenStreetMap - Veröffentlicht unter ODbL




Contest after the 3rd. Hackathon:Apps with the DB Elevator-API

The DB will launch an open API with real-time data of the operating status of elevators in stations. The alpha version of the API is now available. Show us what you can do with it! We will reward the three best performing prototypes/applications. Each winning project will get a three-month valid ProbeBahnCard 100 (*), so you can check out those elevators for yourself. With data.deutschebahn.com we have taken the first steps towards Open Data – to bring the principle of Open even further, we will give out additional prizes for the winning applications that are themselves open source, make open data available, visualize data with OpenStreetMap or make Open Data applications easier. The competition runs four weeks from 12/12/2015 to 10/01/2016. Our jury will select the winning projects by the end of January.

(* Winning projects will get 5 travel vouchers, each worth 250 Euro, for the equivalent of a Probe BahnCard 100 2nd class, alternatively redeemable for several single tickets. No cash alternative. Subscription won't be automatically extended.)

Elevator API (Alpha)

The API allows you to read the operating status of selected lifts of DB Station & Service AG. A description of the API is available for download here.

Please note: The alpha version outputs the states of 100 elevators and is not intended for productive use. This API is provided under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). It provides the operating status of the elevators at stations of DB Station & Service AG. This database is currently restricted to selected elevators. The provision of data is carried out in test mode. Station & Service AG assumes no liability and provides no warranty for the completeness and accuracy of the data, to the extent permitted by law. 

Conditions of Participation, Prizes, Jury

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  1. The use of our Elevator API (Alpha version) is mandatory.
  2. Optional: combination with other (Open?) data (sources) (eg, weather ...)
  3. Optional: use of OpenStreetMap or OpenRailwayMap (mandatory for the OPEN prize)
  4. Both new applications as well as extensions to existing applications are eligible
  5. Product, which must be submitted at least as MVP / functional prototype:

    1. Web application or
    2. APPs (Here are also videos of real APP function (no demos) to be submitted, prior to awarding the functional APP is tested.) or
    3. scripts/plugins/frameworks

Rights of use:
  • Code & Design: We want code and designs under free licenses, but this is not a requirement for participation in the competition (except for the OPEN Prize).
  • Data: Under CC0 (or CCBY4.0 or CCBYSA4.0).
  • Documentation: Publicly available and fully usable by us.
  • Note: Ideas are not exclusive, but in terms of Open Innovation, we want through public competitions stimulate the further development of ideas.
  • Precondition: Award winners will allow Deutsche Bahn the non-exclusive use of the ideas.

Closing date: Sunday, January 10th 2016 - The decision is final.


Three 3-Months Probe BahnCard 100* - and for Open projects, a special prize of a t3n magazine annual subscription on top!

Prize Categories:
  1. Best Open Approach (Open App, technical approach for UGC, usage of OSM…)
  2. Best Approach for Indoor Navigation (on site around train stations)
  3. Best Usefulness for S&S (maintenance, service, costs, traveler information)

The winning projects will be selected by our jury with representatives from DB Station&Service AGOpen Knowledge Foundation DeutschlandOpenStreetMap/OpenRailwayMap and Sozialhelden on Monday, 25th January 2016.

Category “Open”


  • Push-API with sample application
  • website
  • twitterbot
  • server
  • graphically interesting
  • code and server sample applications

Demonstrates new approach to DB Open Data as a basis for new and simple applications.

Code and Demo:

Category “Indoor”


OSM-application, visualization of wheelchair accessible areas within train stations as well as depiction of constrained/inaccessible areas due to defective elevators.

  • test train station Dresden
  • focus indoor-navigation and activation OSM-community
  • wheelmap tie-in

Clear depiction of the impact on accessibility caused by defective elevators.




Category "Benefit Station&Service"

Lift guard

Comprehensive system for monitoring elevator and status information.

  • website
  • API+ notification service
  • Twitter-Bot @aufzugswaechter
  • smartphone-APP bit.do/azw
  • QR-Code-System

Implementation of a data-tool system around the DB open API, DB open data used by DB



Special award