All 27 projects: download PDF


Winning Project:   Piep

Audio guide for train journeys providing itinerary updates and insight about information about interesting places you pass by.


Winning Project:  InternetTimer - InternetTimer

A live timer shows a prediction how long your internet connection will stay online/offline.


Winning Project:  SightTraining - Aquila

Webapp for getting information about point of interests around your current train ride


Winning Project:  Team Bakdata - Routing 4.0

Modern routing algorithm for public transportation that is able to accomodate common concerns, like minimizing waiting times in the cold or being able to walk or ride a bike short distances between stations.


Winning Project:  Tickets - Fun with ~55 gigabytes of historic train tickets

Slicing and recognition of historic railway tickets with user validation through gamification


Winning Project:  WRP - Wagenreihungsplan - WRP - Wagenreihungsplan

Avoid the printed Wagenreihungsplan at the station, as there's almost always a crowd and use WRP - Wagenreihungsplan.


Photos: Andrea Vollmer & Michael Kuchinke-Hofer für Deutsche Bahn AG


Locations and Schedule

8th DB Hackathon: Open Data

Fri 15.12.2017 4 pm (doors) 5 pm (start) 8 pm (Hacknight)&

Sat 16.12.2017 8 am (doors) 10 am (start) - 7 pm (end)

DB mindbox, S-/U-Bahnhof Jannowitzbrücke 
Holzmarktstraße 6-9
10179 Berlin




Daten von OpenStreetMap - Veröffentlicht unter ODbL
Friday, 15th of December  
04:00 pm Entry
05:00 pm Welcome & Introduction: participants and mentors, presentation of ideas and teams
06:00 pm

Open Sessions (20 mins each): technology / workshops / brainstorming / updates

08:00 pm Kick off Hacknight
12:00 pm Midnight snacks
Saturday, 16th of December  
08:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Morning-Meetup
12:30 pm Lunch
03:00 pm Prepare your Team Results
04:30 pm Presentation of Team Results & Award Ceremony
07:00 pm End of Hackathon


What we want to achieve

We are opening up our data to the worldwide community so we can design the future of mobility together. We want to use our hackathons to encourage the community to collaborate with us. To gain an inside view of our data visit our open data portal

Data & Challenges

Challenges (PDF EN)

Challenges (PDF DE)

VBB: (Hackathon API-key: Ask Mentors)  Berlin-Brandenburg: The transport association Berlin-Brandenburg provides an API for real-time data for all suburban railways (S-Bahn), metro trains (U-Bahn), busses and trams in Berlin-Brandenburg + timetables as GTFS 

Aks Mentors for info.

Ask the Mentors.

Discover our data portal

  • get to know that also gives external hackers access to selected data sets
  • validate our data & formats and give us feedback
  • find out more about special sets of data selected for this hackathon

Build and test projects

  • create your own projects with our data
  • combine sensors and software
  • use the data any way you want to and test or create your own applications

Join our community

  • meet inspiring people from the DB and experts from the open data world
  • be the first to know about the next steps around #dbopendata and learn about the showcases of our colleagues
  • present your projects and get feedback and help

What do we offer

Find a platform to design and shape our future mobility. 
We will provide data, challenges and mentors to support you during the hackathon.