7th DB Hackathon: DB Open Data meets JR East, May 2017, 12th & 13th

What we want to achieve

Opening our data to the worldwide community is one of our goals for the future. We want to use this Hackday to encourage the community to collaborate with us. To gain an inside view of our data visit our open data portal data.deutschebahn.com.

Discover our data portal

  • get to know data.deutschebahn.com that also gives external hackers access to selected data sets
  • validate our data & formats and give us feedback
  • find out more about special sets of data selected for this hackathon

Build and test projects

  • create your own projects with our data
  • combine sensors and software
  • use the data any way you want to and test or create your own applications

Join our community

  • meet inspiring people from the DB Meet and experts from the open data world
  • be the first to know about the next steps around #dbopendata and learn about the showcases of your collegues
  • present your projects and get feedback and help

We offer

Find a platform to learn about DB activities in the field of open data, exchange with your collegues and start new joint projects to digitalize DB. 

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  • data.deutschebahn.com
  • developer.deutschebahn.com
  • JR East Data: Yamanote-Linie Trains and Stations:  Here you can find the information about the to JR East data for our Hackathon: bit.ly/jr-data
    Check out the JR East App to get some inspiration! www.jreast-app.jp/en/
  • LoRa-Gateway & devices
  • OSM support: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Eisenbahn
  • VBB API (Hackathon Accounts - please ask for an access key in the "Hackathon Headquarter"-room) 
  • Tableau Testdrive
  • Qlik Playground
Open Sessions

Friday, 18:00 - 20:00 Open Sessions

The sessions will offer a 30-minute-exchange on concepts and subjects; the topics are related to the ideas of the on-site teams. 

  • 18:00 JR East - Data and Challenge - Main Stage
  • 18:30 DB IoT - Main Stage  |  JR East: Data Q&A - Sessionroom 2
  • 19:00 DB Open Api-Portal - Main Stage | ..... - Sessionroom 2
  • 19:30 OpenStationMap / OpenStreetMap / Indoor Navigation / Tango - Main Stage | 80/20 Visualisations - Sessionroom 2
Cooperation in mixed teams

Coworking is central - choose your team and work together with collegues having different levels of experience. Everybody who wants to support DB by the usage of data is welcome.

Prizes and Challenges

Win prizes for your functional apps/prototypes using the data from DB and/or JR East. Linked with data/APIs from the DB Open-Data-Portal or from other sources.

JR East challenge:

In light of the increase in visitors from overseas and the fact that the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo, JR EAST is working to enhance our preparedness to receive customers from overseas. As part of this initiative, JR East released the English-language smartphone information app "JR-EAST Train Info" (based on the "JR-EASTApp"). Just like the "JR-EAST app", "JR-EAST Train Info" is an app which provides convenient information to customers using JR EAST trains and station facilities. For the hackathon, JR East will provide the Yamanote Line data used for the App.

Data Pitch challenges:

  • Help people get efficiently from A to B/ Best routes dependent on time of day/best time to go somewhere (ie least traffic/crowding)
  • Support the next generation of the mobility sector
  • Connect people to jobs, school, housing, and community resources
  • Help DB run an efficient transportation service
  • Help tourists travel by train (Japan / Germany)
  • Help people choose environmentally friendly means of transport

And more:


Mentors from Deutsche Bahn, JR East, Tableau, Qlik, The ODI - Open Data Institue, OpenStreetMap, Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland and more will be there to support you during the Hackathon.

Mihael Radosevic


#DataAnalytics #GeoAnalytics #AnyDevice #DataMarket #APIs #connect-to-every-data #GovernedSelf-Service #BI-on-Enterprise Qlik Playground

Živilė Markevičiūtė

Ladies that UX

#UI/UX #designThinking #ltuxber UI/UX designer at Tignum and a member of Ladies That UX Berlin (@ladiesthatuxBER) orga team.

Orsola De Marco

Head of Startups at the ODI

#Open Data #Startups #Data Pitch Orsola helps you with business models, product-market fit, pitching and funding. theodi.org

Victoria Kure-Wu


#UXUI #studiogoodberlin #ltuxBER UX Designer at StudioGOOD, member of the great Ladies that UX Berlin community, voluntary work for Schülerpaten Deutschland.

Adrian Wagner

DB Fernverkehr AG

#MobilityData #OpenData #BusinessModelGeneration Senior Product Manager for Datamanagement || Helps you identifying business value and creating business models

Matthias Felder

D_Blockchain / DB Systel

#blockchain #technology #innovation #digitalization Product- & Portfolio Manager for Blockchain @ DB Systel || Helps to understand blockchain & creating business models in context of Deutsche Bahn

Alexander Loth


Alexander helps you to see and understand your data using Tableau! @xlth #DataScientist #DigitalStrategy #Analytics

Walter Palmetshofer

Open Knowledge Foundation

business model, funding & outreach #opendata, #economics, #netactivst

Olga Willner

DB Station&Service AG

IT- and technology management, data of the DB stations and LoRa #DeutscheBahn #trainstation #LoRa

Markus Windegger


Interests: #beacon, #gamification, #strategy #opendataevangelist #innovation #crazy Interests: #beacon, #gamification, #strategy


JR East - jreast.co.jp

DB Open Data - data.deutschebahn.com

DB Skydeck / DB Systel - skydeck.deutschebahn.com

D_Blockchain / DB Systel - twitter.com/DB_Blockchain

Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland - okfn.de

Data Pitch - datapitch.eu

HACK|BAY by Zollhof Nürnberg (17./18.05.) - hackbay.de

Ladies that UX - ladiesthatux.com/berlin

Tableau - tableau.com

Qlik - qlik.com

Locations and Schedule

7th DB Hackathon: Open Data

Fri 12.05.2017 4 pm (doors) 5 pm (start) 8 pm (Hacknight)&

Sat 13.05.2017 8 am (doors) 10 am (start) - 8 pm (end)

DB mindbox, S-/U-Bahnhof Jannowitzbrücke 
Holzmarktstraße 6-9
10179 Berlin




Daten von OpenStreetMap - Veröffentlicht unter ODbL