Contest: Tools, Visualizations, APPs and Services with open mobility data


April 28th till July 28th 2017

What the contest is about

Show us how you change the future of mobility with open data!

Better services for customers using digital solutions, improved processes for business operations and new digital business models – digitization contains a lot of chances. To utilize those chances together, open data offers the possibility to test new ideas on an easy and fast basis. 

Show us how you change the future of mobility by using open data! Submit you apps, applications, visualizations and prototypes for new services you have created by using open data – we will present them to the public and the most astonishing projects will receive awesome prizes after being awarded by our jury! is our first step towards open data – to contribute and advance the principle Open, special prizes will be awarded for applications that are open source, provide open data, visualize data using OpenStreetMap or make open data applications easier.

Competition period is three months, starting 28. April till 28. July 2017, 11:59 pm. Our  jury will pick the winners till end of August.

Get inspired! Early submissions can be found at:

Your project is missing? Your chance to submit it now! Your project is on the overview but you haven't signed up for the contest? Take your chance!

Submit your project

Please use the form below for submitting your project:

If you prefer submitting your project via mail, please copy the questions, complete them and send them to – of course you can add further information or slides

Win with open data from April 28th to July 28th 2017

Win travel prizes for your functional applications/prototypes/services/visualizations with open mobility data – combined with further data from the DB Open-Data-Portal or other sources. 

We will also honor the most beautiful, the best and the most interesting submissions. More Prizes and categories will be announced during the competition period. Stay tuned!

Prizes & categories are for example:


  • Rail travels
  • Special prizes from our contest partners
  • Meet-ups with colleagues from project relevant departments
  • Presentation of your project on certain events

Prize categories

  • Best digital service for train travelers
  • Best support for accessible travel
  • Best Open-Source/Open-Data project
  • Biggest Wow-effect among the jury
  • Most beautiful UX-design
  • Most effective work simplification for employees

Examples from our prize pool

Vouchers for DB Train Tickets
ICE trips around Germany
Nightjet trip (with up to 6 persons)
Travel with a Nightjet Train
Nürnberg: Gluehwein tram tours during the Christmas season
Enjoy the sights of a festively decorated city.
VBB Goodie Bags
VBB bags filled with special surprises
RNV Goodie Bag
Special goodies (not for sale) like the famous "RNV-Quietscheente" and more...
Vouchers from DB Connect
Try out Call-a-bike or Flinkster for free
VVS Toolkit
Laptop bag (branded with the VVS rail network), a coffee mug and a hiking book about the Stuttgart region
OpenDataSoft Goodie Bag
A goodie bag from ODS

Events 2 meet us during the contest

We organize Hackathons and attend different events to support developers and startups regarding the usage of DB Open Data. During the contest period, you can meet us at:

Overview of usable, open mobility data (extract):

For a comprehensive introduction: The mCloud of the BMVI is a research platform for open data on mobility and related topics.

The DB Open Data-Portal can be found at: 
(from where the APIs at the Developer Self-Service-API-Portal are linked:

Here is a short overview for an easier start (links are hidden within the bullet points)

Data sources

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Master data on DB Open Data (extract):
Business information on DB Open Data (extract):
Logistics data on DB Open Data (extract):
Real-time-APIs on DB Open Data (extract):

You have a link to an important data source missing here? You are looking for specific DB Open Data? Mail us dbopendata(at)!


DB digital:

Digitalisation @ Deutschen Bahn:

IT-Jobs @ DB:


Conditions of Participation, Prizes, Jury

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  1. Use open mobility data (mandatory)
  2. Optional: combination with other (open?) data(-sources) (e.g. weather...)
  3. Optional: Usage of OpenStreetMap or OpenRailwayMap
  4. Both, new applications and also add-ons for existing applications will be approved
  5. Product, that has to be submitted as MVP/functional prototype minimum:

    • Web application or
    • App (Also preview videos of real app functionality can be submitted (no demos!), functional capability of the app will be tested before award ceremony!) or
    • Scripts/plugins/frameworks or
    • Visualizations/data science

Rights of use:
  • Code & design: We prefer code and design under free licenses but it’s not mandatory for contest participation (except for the OPEN-prize!).
  • Self-published data: Under CC0 or CCBY4.0.
  • Documentation: Public and usable without restrictions for us.
  • Information: Ideas are not exclusive. We want to stimulate the development and advancement of ideas in the sense of open innovation, the contest is no place for secret ideas.
  • Conditions: Award winners grant Deutsche Bahn the non-exclusive right for the usage of the ideas.

Deadline: Friday, 28. July 2017 - 11:59 pm – Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

@dbopendata - @dbhackathon

#dbopendata #dbhackathon


A jury comprising representatives from different DB AG departments, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and our Hackathon and contest partners, who travel a lot by train/public transport and use all kinds of logistic services.