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DB Open Data

What is it all about?

DB Open Data is all about data that is freely available and published under free licenses. As part of this initiative, we publish our railway data. At the Hackathons, we want to see what you can do with it.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experts with an interest in data, coding and the ability to think outside-the-box. We welcome both teams and lone wolves.

Why participate?

Our data simplifies developing data-driven applications. During our events you can connect with internal and external experts, and open up the door for future cooperation.

Overview of usable, open mobility data (extract):

For a comprehensive introduction: The mCloud of the BMVI is a research platform for open data on mobility and related topics.

The DB Open Data-Portal can be found at: data.deutschebahn.com 
(from where the APIs at the Developer Self-Service-API-Portal are linked: http://developer.deutschebahn.com/)

Here is a short overview for an easier start (links are hidden within the bullet points)

Data sources

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Master data on DB Open Data (extract):
Business information on DB Open Data (extract):
Logistics data on DB Open Data (extract):
Real-time-APIs on DB Open Data (extract):
Historic Real-time data S-Bahn Stuttgart:


& https://itshackathonhamburg.opendatasoft.com/explore/?sort=modified&refine.keyword=HackTrain

Content of the ZIP File • Scheduled events • Actual Events • Forecasts • Rail train cancellations • Replacement train • Station data

Data by further transport companies:

You have a link to an important data source missing here? You are looking for specific DB Open Data? Mail us dbopendata(at)deutschebahn.com!


DB digital:

Digitalisation @ Deutschen Bahn: deutschebahn.com/digitalisierung

IT-Jobs @ DB: karriere.deutschebahn.com

Remote DB Regio Data Hack 12.&13. März 2021

Find a platform to shape our future mobility. We will provide data, challenges and mentors to support you during the hackathon.