We are looking for... 

new ideas and use cases for location based services at train stations. 

Anyone who knows the current whereabouts of their customers, can address them accurately. However, GPS is too inaccurate for positioning. Within buildings, other technologies are required that, in combination with a mobile device, enable a location-specific customer approach. Help us to develop innovative, contextual and location based services at train stations. Use localization technologies (such as beacons, QR codes, and NFC tags) in order to include local points such as train platforms, DB services, restaurants and shops, or other key facilities of a train station. Combine them with relevant information (such as open data and DB data) to provide station users with new real-time services.

We want...

to improve existing services and develop new approaches.

Our goal is to achieve visible improvements for our travelers and visitors at the station quickly and with the least possible effort. The focus is in particular:

services for higher quality of stay 

improved individual travel information 

new value added services

You should take part...

if you like to prove that your ideas  promote travelers’ and shoppers’ experience at our train stations

We offer a peek behind the curtains of our train stations. Therefore, we’ll exclusively open our location infrastructure at Berlin Central Station as well as various programming interfaces (APIs) for DB information and services. You will be supported by DB experts and external coaches because innovative ideas are great, but they must prove to be feasible (proof of concept). Create a team with other creative minds and develop new ideas. Create a first prototype as a mockup, e.g. on the "white label platform" of our cooperation partner Wingu. You do not have to be a developer or know Wingu. Other team members and our coaches will help you develop. Show a mixed jury of DB experts and customer representatives how your service works. The three most promising prototypes will be selected, awarded and, if possible, tested at Berlin Central Station during the second half of 2018.

Your ideas will be rewarded...

because we are eager to facilitate a fair exchange and joint development of innovative ideas.

We offer 

  • travel vouchers (BahnCard) for each participant,
  • cash prizes for the three most promising applications and 
  • test options of the award-winning services at Berlin Central Station.

Cash Prizes are:

1st place 3,000€

2nd place 2,000€

3rd place 1,000 €

Crative minds can apply now...

to develop new location based services.  

The competition is open and aimed at students, developers, founders, established companies and other creative minds. DB service providers, the DB mindbox network (StartupXpress, Challenges, Hackathons) and DB employees are also welcome to take part in this challenge. An application is possible as an individual or as a team.

Apply here...

Application form

Location based Service (eng)

Team list (if you apply as a team)
Motivation & Competences
First ideas (not mandatory)


16.04.2018 - 23.05.2018
Selection of participants & invitation to the challenge
Introduction of localization technologies at the station
Idea generation, feedback and start of prototype building
Presentation and awards
16.06.2018 - 16.06.2018

Further Information...

Information about localization technologies:

  • Around 800 beacons allow precise positioning of the entire Berlin main station via Bluetooth. This enables travelers and station visitors to be provided with location-specific information and services at their point of interest on their mobile device.

  • QR codes and NFC tags are also an alternative to positioning, but they require some activity on the customer’s side: they need to use their smartphones to scan the QR code or hold it near the NFC tag to receive the information.
  • The use of geofencing via GPS (automatic triggering of a function when entering or leaving a GPS-capable device from a defined geographical area) is also possible. However, no precise location determination is given here.

Information on POIs (Point of Interest):

  • There are numerous POIs on five levels, which are of great interest to travelers and visitors at Berlin Central Station.

  • In addition to structural and technical equipment such as platforms, ticket machines, railways and track sections, elevators, escalators, waiting areas, seating and departure boards, services such  as the DB Travel Center, DB Information, DB Lounge, lost-and-found, lockers and toilets are also of great importance.

  • There are various possibilities of connecting mobility at the station in the form of S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus, tram, taxi, bike and car sharing, long-distance bus and car rental. A parking garage is also connected to the station.

  • Mailboxes, ATMs, pharmacy, bookstores, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, fashion shops, electronics stores, drugstores and services - there's something for everyone at the station. Most businesses are opened on Sundays.

DB Open Data, APIs, Use Cases:

Further information can be found here:

  • All POIs at / around Berlin Central Station can be found at a glance in our app DB Bahnhof live.

  • Further information about the station as well as general products and services are available on our website www.bahnhof.de.

  • The website www.einkaufsbahnhof.de not only provides information about events at the train stations but also offers details on resident shops such as: location, special offers, opening hours and accepted payment methods.