DB Information:challenge

Our goals

We were looking for ways to improve the service at our nationwide DB Information Desks. These were our targets for the challenge:

Increase customer satisfaction
Optimize & innovate processes
Improve working atmosphere


Current DB Information:

Currently there are 82 DB Information desks at train stations. People often come here first to find information about their journey. We do not sell tickets since this is done by DB Reisezentrum.

Current Services:

  • information for travelers
  • services for train delays (detours, compensation & customer rights)
  • services for passengers with restricted mobility
  • lost property services
  • ic: kurier, parcel shipment by train
  • services for carsharing

Find detailed information on the scope, vision, timeline and objectives in German and English.



Find the right balance between personal and digital interaction.  Although digitalism is an important aspect of our personal services, it cannot fully replace interpersonal interactions.  We serve customers of all ages and backgrounds, so you'll need to consider their disctinct concerns. Please also keep scalability in mind, as DB Information desks are often at our smaller stations.

Proof of Concept:

Innovative ideas are great, but they also require a proof of concept. You are free to change the current design or even the equipment in order to improve current and future services. Feel free to use new working materials, processes or technical interfaces!


Chance to see your product implemented all over Germany

15,000 € in cash

Coaching and mentoring by experts


Application deadline
Pitch event for 10-15 selected concepts
Detailed briefing for ca. 5 selected teams
Boot Camp with the support of mentors
08.01.2016 - 13.01.2016
Final pitch and award ceremony

The Winner:

Find impressions and pictures of the first Challenge DB mindbox executed under order and in cooperation with DB Station & Service.

Video & Pictures