DB Komfort Check-in Localisation

We are looking for... 

new ideas and use cases to digitize the self-service check-in.

Support us in finding innovative solutions that help our customers to do a self check-in on board our trains. Right now, Komfort check-in allows you to do a self check-in by selecting your pre-reserved seat. In the future, you want to be able to check-in (semi-)automatically - with or without prior reservation.

What we want to achive

Simplify the Self-Service Check-in

Assist our on-board staff with the check-in process

offer precise seat localisation

Take part in this challenge…

if you would like to proof that your ideas add value to our customers’ travel experiences.

We offer a peek behind the scenes of our ICE operations and exclusively open our test infrastructure as well as APIs to information and services. Get in touch with creative developers, DB experts, and other stakeholders in order to develop new ideas. Test your solution in one of our trains. It is not necessary to apply as a company. Deutsche Bahn will provide assistance with your demo in our ICEs.  Our goal is to support new technologies and use-cases -  however, further development of common technologies is also an option. The outcomes of the demo lab will provide for the decision-making process shaping further developments of our self-service check-in platform. 

Join our challenge

Testing ideas together

Pitch your product/technology

Try-outs in one of our trains

Who can apply?

Creative minds coming up with solutions  regarding the development of new check-in services.   

This is an open competition aimed at students and hackers, startups as well as established companies. We invite participants of our hackathons, startups from past batches, external service providers of DB as well as specifically interested employees to join our Challenge. The Challenge will be held in German - nonethelesswe are open for non-native speakers - as long as you manage to understand the briefings and discussions. 


Application deadline
23.11.2020 - 02.05.2018
Selection of teams and invitation to the Challenge
Testlab Round 1*
Testlab Round 2*

* The exact dates for Zug-Demolab 1 & 2 depend on the operating conditions and will be coordinated with the selected participants on short notice. Please note this upon application.


  • You’ve got more than just a pure idea, ranging from a prototype to a finished product / service.
  • Technology-independent / comprehensive, whether based on beacons, RFID tags, smartphone-only, sound, lidar (ok, maybe not just Lidar), LoRa, WiFi, ... or totally different.
  • Perspectively, your idea is adaptable to all kinds of trains used for long-distance traffic, optionally for local trains.


Apply for the challenge!  Please let us know about your motivation, background and your idea/ technology.

Show your idea in a live demo:

Innovative ideas are great, but they also require a proof-of-concept. Along with other vendors, experts, and DB specialists, we will support you with testing your idea and technology in a demo lab. 


Apply here

DB Holodeck Challenge

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Team and company history
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Informations on Komfort Check-in

Status Quo Komfort Check-in:

Germany-wide MVP started in July 2017 on selected train numbers

  • more than 10,000 successful check-ins already
  • approx. 5,000 feedback sessions with passengers
  • many train attendants have already been trained for comfort check-in

KCi future

  • Gradual ramp-up from May 2018 on the entire ICE fleet approx. 600 train numbers
  • Start of Germany-wide marketing and communication measures
  • Further development and expansion of the KCi functions
  • Establishment of the KCi as a digital service in long-distance traffic with approx. 140 million passengers p.a.
Input: Fahrzeuglexikon Fernverkehr (DE) Input: Komfort Check-in erklärt (DE)

Komfort Check-in:
The digitized service for a relaxed travel experience

Our customers have very diverse demands on a journey with Deutsche Bahn. Some prefer a personalized address and individualized service from our train attendants, while others want a relaxed journey from start to destination.
These demands are now met by our digitized service Komfort Check-in within
the app DB Navigator. Passengers can now quick and easy check themselves in. Upon arrival at their seat, they can carry out the ticket inspection on their own. Komfort Check-in allows for a more self-determined, relaxed and stress-free travel experience without any annoying ticket search or multiple inspections due to changes of personnel that interrupt your phone calls, work or sleep.
Just lean back and relax – enabled by Komfort Check-in.

Great and positive press coverage since the official launch at the 2017 DB Product Conference (eg BAMS, Sat1, SPON, Handelsblatt, WiWo, Stern, Focus, Welt, Faz, etc.)

High management attention for Komfort Check-in as part of the strategic digital realignment