DB Challenges

About DB Challenges

Every business solves its problems in different ways. Right now, we are searching for creative thinkers to help us tackle some of the challenges that we face. Come compete for the best solutions!

Who are we looking for?

We're searching for both technical-mechanical and ICT solutions to digitalize our services and business practices. We invite you to compete!

Why participate?

The winner of a challenge will receive a monetary sum. We are always interested in cooperating with people who solve problems quickly and professionally.

Holodeck Challenge

We are looking for VR-edutainment specialists to create a gamified and truly immersive VR training module to be implemented in the professional training of construction site planners (“Feinplaner”).

Popup-Store Münster

Wir suchen innovative (Startup-)Konzepte und Ideen für den Hauptbahnhof Münster, um das Angebot im Bahnhof für unsere Kunden noch attraktiver zu gestalten.