Capital: Among best digital labs in GER 

3rd place of corporate accelerators

Awarded Place 2017 "Land der Ideen"

DB Systel & DB mindbox for DB Open Data

DB pushes digitalization

2014 Deutsche Bahn started a digitalization program with six 4.0 initiatives following the structure of our organisation(logistic, mobility, infrastructure, production, IT and working environment). The outcome of this initiatives were our labs d.lab and Skydeck as well as the Startup-Hub DB mindbox with the DB Accelerator program, invests in startups, new projects and new products.

Since 2017 DB pushes digitalization in three fields to 

1.) optimize the interface to our customers,

2.) enhance internal support processes for mobility, logistic and infrastructure services and

3.) build up new data based business models. 

Until 2019 Deutsche Bahn will invest up to 1 billion Euro in projects supporting the digitalization of DB and holds ready up to 100 million Euro venture capital to invest in startups and incorporation activities

The Startup Program of DB mindbox will help to find promising startups to cooperate with and to allow DB business units to prove the concepts of the innovative founders. The DB unit Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH evaluates and supports startups to decide about an equity particiation of Deutsche Bahn. Find more information about DB digital activities here.

Discover our world:

Deutsche Bahn is constantly dealing with complex problems in multiple fields, and we're asking for your helpWhat's in it for you? As a big player, we can help you open new markets!

Our business
260 ICE trains and 132 million passengers in 2015 
5,400 train stations and retail space of 1 million m2
12 million passengers  a day in trains and buses in Europe
Shared mobility: 8,500 bikes & 2,800 cars for flexible use
5th biggest energy supplier and biggest energy consumer in Germany
Largest railway infrastructure network in Europe: 33,300 km, 40,000 train trips a day
300 million tons goods transported by train a year
70,000 switches and 3,090 railway control centers
Integrated logistics services at over 2,000 locations in more than 140 countries 

The Location

We know that innovative thinking requires an inspiring working space. DB mindbox is located in the S-Bahn-Station Jannowitzbrücke in Berlin in three arches under the track. Here we have over 700 square meters for working, meetings, and events. DB mindbox is a lab where we facilitate innovations for the world of mobility, logistics and railway infrastructure.

2017 DB mindbox was awarded the title "Excellent Place in the Land of Ideas" by the joint initiative of the Federal Government and the German economy "Germany - Land of Ideas". Over 1,000 applications were submitted for the 2017 competition and DB mindbox together with DB Systel were awarded for the DB Open Data program (DB open data portal and DB Hackathons).  

The business journal "Capital" selected the best digital laboratories of German companies in the year 2018. In the category "corporate accelerators" DB mindbox took third place after Pro Sieben Sat 1 Accelerator and SAP IoT Startup Accelerator.

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The team

Here at DB mindbox, we work as a team to improve Deutsche Bahn services through digitalization and innovation. We also support startups through our DB StartupXpress, hackers through our Hackathon, and contributors to the DB Challenge.

Anne Reichenbach

Barbara Wellmann

Corinna Sinzig

Fanny Schröter

Fanny Schröter

Franka Korkus

Laura Weishaupt

Nils Hillebrandt

Stefanie Bünsow

Svetlana Drümmer

Svetlana Drümmer

Sebastian Sooth

Sebastian Sooth

Sven Lücke

Sven Lücke

Tobias Ruch