Ride the wave and support our big infrastructure projects to be on-time and on-budget. Develop your prototype and business model with us and test your solutions. 

We are looking for ..

Construction Logistics

More than 40 big infrastructure projects are currently under construction at DB. Optimizing and speeding up workflows in planning and construction phase is crucial to an on-time project realization. Therefore, we are looking for technologies which allow us to improve our project management on the construction site.

Data Management

A broad and reliable database is essential to manage big infrastructure projects which can need decades to get completed. Methods to record, analyze, document and visualize project progress data during planning and construction to get real-time information and forecasts are of main interest to us.

Information and Knowledge Management

Due to high technical complexity of big infrastructure projects and a large amount of stakeholders involved, the planning phases take time and require high attention to details. We are looking for solutions to avoid technical planning mistakes and misleading communication which lead to a delayed start of operation and increased costs.

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