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Marketing (application closed)

Our regional trains transport over six million passengers a day. Together with your solutions we want to better understand our customers' needs and to offer new products and services to our passengers. In cooperation with DB Regio we want to test your ideas directly onboard of our trains and with our passengers.

Timetable Marketing

Application deadline for Marketing
Announcement of pitch candidates
Pitch training (tbc)
13.08.2018 - 15.08.2018
Selection day
Onboarding day
Prototype development
10.09.2018 - 21.12.2018
End of program
Portfolio Day (tbc)

Search Fields Marketing

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Information Management

Information Management

DB Regio’s core service is to bring millions of passengers in regional transport each day to their desired destination in a punctual, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly way. Help us improving our customer information management by using existing data, specific tools, innovative technologies or smart processes.

Real time information

Knowing the status of every component or machine at all times.


Simplifying and digitizing processes for having consistent standards, e.g. passenger‘s rights.


Getting recommendations considering time, capacity and routes.


Receiving forecasts by using different data sets and giving advice for disposition.

Customer Interaction

Customer Interaction

DB Regio offers regional transport service for over six million passengers each day. Getting in touch with every traveler to create a good customer experience is our aim for modern passenger transport.


Integrating robots into customer interaction, e.g. as customer guidance and support or travel information on-site.


Having an easy („two-click-“) access and a safe payment, e.g. with blockchain technologies.

Human Machine Interface

Enabling interaction between customers and passenger transport devices, e.g. voice and image recognition.

Other ideas

You think you can bring sales and marketing to the next level? Send us your ideas!

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

DB’s ability to attract and retain new passengers is related not only to our products or services, but also to the way we service our existing customers. Generating value as a result of utilizing our products and services creates reputation.

Loyalty Programs

Encouraging train passengers/ commuters and rewarding them.


Comparing train travel with other means of transport, e.g. regarding time, emissions…

Crowd Based Services

Encouraging consumers to become more like coworkers to take over specific services.


Using gamification tools to improve customer engagement, e.g. for marketing campaigns or customer feedback.

New Services

New Services

Our core business focuses consistently on increased customer orientation and, accordingly, on improving product and service quality, not least through new digital technologies and services.


Navigating passengers through their journey using location-based services.


Offering mobile shopping solutions for commuters and travellers.


Creating new entertainment offers for train passengers.

Data-based Services

You think you can improve our Regional Trains with new services? Send us your ideas!

Construction Tech (application closed)

Advances in digital technology, big data, and new design approaches are creating a wave of innovation within the construction industry. Ride the wave and support our big infrastructure projects to be on-time and on-budget. Develop your prototype and business model with us and test your solutions directly in cooperation with our construction projects. 

Timetable Construction Tech

Application deadline for Construction Tech
Announcement of pitch candidates
Pitch training
Selection Day
Onboarding Day
Prototype Development
15.10.2018 - 24.01.2019
End of Program
Portfolio Day (tbc)

Search Fields Construction Tech

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Construction Logistics

Construction Logistics

More than 40 big infrastructure projects are currently under construction at DB. Optimizing and speeding up workflows in planning and construction phase is crucial to an on-time project realization. Therefore, we are looking for technologies which allow us to improve our project management on the construction site.

Process Optimization & Lean Construction

Improve workflows on the construction site, e.g. optimized capacity planning & disposition as well as standardization.


Use tracking technologies on the construction site, e.g. transfer of material during provisions.

Smart Planning

Technologies to do efficient data and risk analysis (e.g. track possession management) and communication with stakeholders.

Additional Solutions

You can increase our knowledge about Construction Tech related topics? Apply for the DB StartupXpress!

Data Management

Data Management

A broad and reliable database is essential to manage big infrastructure projects which can need decades to get completed. Methods to record, analyze, document and visualize project progress data during planning and construction to get real-time information and forecasts are of main interest to us.

Data Collection Methods

Technologies to collect data and create a consistent database during planning and construction, e.g. video, photo or sensors.

Data Analysis

Real-time monitoring of costs, quality and time planning; enabling comparisons, simulations and predicitons as well as lessons learned.

Data Visualization

Technologies to visualize project data with high accuracy and quality, e.g. for public participation.

Other ideas

You think you can improve our construction processes? Apply for the DB StartupXpress!

Information and Knowledge Management

Information and Knowledge Management

Due to high technical complexity of big infrastructure projects and a large amount of stakeholders involved, the planning phases take time and require high attention to details. We are looking for solutions to avoid technical planning mistakes and misleading communication which lead to a delayed start of operation and increased costs.

Information Processing

Accurate planning through pattern recognition and visualization (e.g. of point clouds) including automated mapping and georeferencing.

Document Management

Collecting relevant information by digital document and content management.

Knowledge Transfer

Platforms to identify and transfer knowledge, e.g. smart storage of information and intelligent search.

Challenge us

You think you can bring our construction projects to the next level? Send us your ideas!

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