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Special Focuses

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HR 2019 (Application Deadline 28.04.2019)

Search Fields HR 2019

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is the key to make our processes work. Help us capture, share and use the knowlege we have as best as we can to optimize everyday work.

Capturing and Sharing

Support us in retaining valuable knowledge within the company


Create a fun way to share, use and manage the knowledge within DB

Legal Tech

Build a search engine and chatbot for legal questions

Artificial Intelligence

Find tools to gather information and provide them at the right time


Collaboration is key to success. Therefore we want to enable our employees to collaborate professionally. Digitization can improve the way we work together. We are looking for ideas which will help our employees to distribute the information and knowledge efficiently and communicate in an modern way. 

Cultural Assessment

Help to build great teams and improve employee engagement


Empower employees, e.g. by enabling preferences on shift plans

Job Sharing

Develop matching tools and improve daily work routines and handovers


Improve the instant communication possibilities to create modern work places

Digital Assistance

Our 300.000 employees have specific and individual needs. We are looking for solutions to support their work and daily challenges. Digital assistance tools can help them to make their work easier and thus to concentrate on  the relevant issues and tasks.  

Time Tracking

Analyze and optimize daily routines especially for operational leadership

Leadership Development

Support executives with trainings and feedback on their behaviour

Self Assessment and Coaching

Support applicants in preparing for physical and mental tests

Additional solutions

You think you can bring digital assistance to the next level? Apply for the DB StartupXpress!

Maintenance for Passenger Transport (Application closed)

Search Fields Maintenance for Passenger Transport

Rolling Stock & Workshops

DB‘s long distance passenger transport division maintains the fleet of ICE-trains as well as the loco-operated Intercity cars. We want to improve the maintenance processes with fresh ideas, new technology and challenging concepts.

Plug & Play kitchen of the future

Kitchen appliances will always be more likely to fail on a train, no matter how robust – can you design Plug & Play devices that enable highly efficient replacement, maybe even on a train station?

Sensor Solutions

Some properties of our rolling assets remain undisclosed until today. Can you provide sensors, energy and data transfer to enrich our understanding of the technical status of the trains?

Workshop Flow

Inside and around our workshops, information, spare parts and even catering items need to be in continuous flow. Do you have a fresh approach to guiding, synchronizing, transporting….?

And more...

You have another product that can help us to improve our maintenance processes? We're happy to learn more. 

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