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Customer Interaction and AI (Application closed)


Application Deadline
Announcement Pitch Candidates
Pitch Trainings
19.07.2019 - 23.07.2019
Pitch Event
Start Program (tbc)
Coaching Weeks
05.08.2019 - 27.09.2019
End of program

Search Fields for Customer Interaction and AI

Customer Interaction and AI

We want to offer our 12 Mio daily customers the best experience possible and make their time at DB as enjoyable as possible - while they're on the train as well as during their transit time on our stations.

Immersive, Mixed Environments

AR and VR get more and more integrated in eveyday life. We think this gives us a chance to drive collaboration and connection. What's your idea on how those technologies can be used to enhance customer experience? 

Exponential Intelligence

Personal assistants can help us make smart decisions and expertise shifts towards the wisdom of the crowd. What's your idea to make those new developments usable in their travel experience?

On-Demand Customization

We believe that products can adapt to our customers based on customer insights and that repetitive tasks should be taken care of. This enables our travellers to use their time with DB as enjoyable as possible. 

And more...

You have another product that can help us to improve the everyday experience of our customers using AI? We're happy to learn more. 

Regional Traffic 2019 (Application closed)


Application Deadline
Announcement Pitch Candidates
Pitch Trainings
09.09.2019 - 11.09.2019
Pitch Event
Start Program
Coaching Weeks
07.10.2019 - 29.11.2019
End of Program
Portfolio Day (tbd)

Search Fields Regional Traffic 2019

Intermodal Mobility

Six million passengers use DB regional trains every day. Help us to provide alternative mobility solutions or indoor navigation at the station in the event of a disruption.  


Help us ensure that our customers arrive at their destination even in the event of a disruption.

Interconnected Mobility Services

Simplify interconnected mobility for the first and last mile, linking sharing services or fellow travellers.

Augmented Reality

Guide passengers through stations for connections or in case of incidents or delays.

Additional Ideas

Do you have other ideas on how to move our regional passengers? We're eager to learn more about it.


We want to get deeper insights in our trains and customers. Help us to understand our customers and processes using data and to improve internal and external information flow.

Data Based Services

Use big data incl. GPS to develop new products or marketing opportunities and optimize capacity utilization.

Video Monitoring

Read emotions from facial expression, voice and movement of passengers using software to gain insighths about our customers and identify potentially dangerous situations.

RPA & Scheduling

Develop RPA solutions for data entry and transfer and support us in identifying incidents and delays.

Crowd Intelligence

Help us gain insights from the crowd and use those insights to assist our customers as best as possible.

Customer Experience

We want to provide passengers with the best possible experience along their journey. Help us in simplifying processes and improving transparency.

Real Time Information

Develop new methods to provide information about the exact location of the trains e.g. in tunnels.

Simplification of Customer Processes

Simplify internal and external processes in customer interaction e.g. for passenger rights or people with disabilities.

Quality of Stay

Improve the quality of stay on trains and in stations and display useful information to our customers.

Additional Solutions

You think you can bring our regional traffic to the next level? Then apply for the DB startup program!

Construction Tech 2019 (Application closed)


Application Deadline
Announcement Pitch Candidates
Pitch Trainings
09.09.2019 - 11.09.2019
Pitch Event
Start Program
Coaching Weeks
07.10.2019 - 29.11.2019
End of Program
Portfolio Day (tbd)

Search Fields Construction Tech 2019

Before, during and after the actual construction itself takles place, DB is involved in phases of planning, monitoring and management. The upcoming program on Construction Tech is focusing on use cases deduced from those phases – aiming to enhance them with solutions or technologies from the following areas:

Big Data

Planning and managing construction projects involves different types or formats of data, available in big quantities and out of varying sources. Help us to integrate and to make most out of available information on hand.

Data Integration

Help us to integrate data from different platforms and data bases.

Data Crawling

 crawl and extract information out of data, for example from pictures or construction plans.

Data Visualization

Make our data tangible and traceable through visualization, geographical mapping and geo-referencing.

Document Search

Help us to structure and tag documents or key words and to make them searchable.

Smart Contracts

Leverage Smart Contract technology to make contract documents digitally available in a smart way.

Policies or Rule Books

We are interested in making policies or rule books digitally accessible in a smart way by applying smart contracting technology on a varying set of use-cases

Process Management

Help us to implement and make use of smart contracts or rule books for an improved process management

Workflow Initiation

Help us to bring rules to live by triggering workflows, i.e. by automized alerts, updates, notifications or to-dos.

Additional ideas

Do you have other ideas on how to support our phases of planning, managing or monitoring construction projects? We're eager to learn more about it.


We are eager to learn more about (and to apply) Business Process Management and Robotic Process Automization into planning, managing and observing big Construction Tech projects. Repetitive tasks and processes shall be abolished. We are looking for simple tools and smart automation ideas to help manage the construction site.

Workflow Management

Help us to improve collaboration and communication between stakeholders and to improve project management.


Complement or extend our existing software tools with microservices in form of software add-ons or modules that are customizable.

Additional ideas

Do you have other ideas on how to support our phases of planning, managing or monitoring construction projects? We're eager to learn more about it.

Digital Twin

Often, convincing stakeholders of future projects is a challenging task. Precise virtual representations can improve understanding and ease communication.

Digital Twin

Consolidate all elements of our construction sites for visualization and analysis in form of a „digital twin“.

Noise Simulation

Calculate and simulate acustic noise exposure along our tracks and near construction sites.

Visualization Kit

Provide us with an easy way to visualize construction sites on-the-go to make upcoming visuals and accoustics tangible for various stakeholders such as residents or customers.

Augmented Reality

We are interested in applying Augmented Reality for various construction-tech scenarios.


Focusing on the right information becomes increasingly difficult for managers of large scale projects. Use Artificial Intelligence to automate monitoring and alerting relevant personal at the right time.

Digital Plans

Assess our digital plans for quality control.


Provide us with software tools to explore the construction site digitally - aboveground as well as underground.

Image Recognition

Automatically monitor and track changes within the environment along tracks and close to construction sites by using pictures or videos.

Additional ideas

Scan to plan, pattern recognition, natural language processing are also topics that make us curious in terms of planning, managing and observing large scale construction projects. We are happy to receive your ideas!

Train Stations 2019 (Application closed)


Application Deadline
Announcement Candidates
Selection day (tbc.)
Start of Program
End of Program
Portfolio Day

Search Fields Train Stations 2019

To bring innovation and digitalization into our train stations, we are currently looking for new ideas and solutions. 

Customer Stay

Support us to offer a pleasant layover in our train stations for daily commuters as well as casual travelers.

Lighting Concepts

Help us to adopt innovative and sustainable lightning concepts which create a pleasant atmosphere in our train stations.

Waiting Areas

 Design waiting spaces that match the needs of our guests, ranging from comfy to productive, by offering sustainable furniture or digital services.


Do you know how to transform a train station in to a recognizable area by creating a unique microclimate?

Pop-up Store Concepts (Food & Non-Food)

Help us to bring changing services or products into our pop-up stores or to offer sustainable store-concepts (Indoor and outdoor). We are also interested to learn more about how to manage changing offers or concept spaces.

Wayfinding System

Train stations and their surroundings can be complex systems. Help our guests to easy find their way around.


Offer your solutions for innovative routing in and around train stations

Sign posting

Simplify sign postings with your adjustable and multilingual product

Digital Services

Do you offer a digital service that provides an additional benefit for our guests while traveling or visiting train stations? Wayfinding or improving waiting times generally are topics that are of interest here.

Additional Ideas

Do you have other ideas on how to support guidance or wayfinding in and around train stations? We're eager to learn more about it!

Intermodal Mobility

Simplify interconnected mobility for the first and last mile

Bicycle parking

Help us to bring bicycle parking to a new level by (for example) providing real-time information of available parking spots. We would love to make arriving by bike easier for travelers as well as visitors of our train stations. 

Connected Mobility

Link sharing services or fellow travelers with a focus on e-mobilty in urban as well as rural areas.

Additional Ideas

Do you have other ideas on how to make our train stations greener? We're eager to learn more about it!


As a green mobility provider, DB has the goal to drive sustainability continuously forward not just with our trains but also in and around train stations.

Waste Management / Reduction

Do you have an adaptable systems which we can offer our tenants in our train stations to optimize waste management?

Green Solutions for our Customers

Looking at the described topics above (customer stay, wayfinding, interconnected mobility) green ideas or solutions are very welcome and highly appreciated.

Additional Idea

Do you have other ideas on how to make our train stations greener? We're eager to learn more about it!

Future of Maintenance 2020 (Application closed)


Application Deadline
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Selection day
Start of Program
End of Program

Search Fields for Future of Maintenance

Data Analytics & Process Mining

Vibration analysis

Interpretation of recorded vibration data on different types of trains for asset localization & anomaly detection (focus: tracks/switches)

Train availability prediction

Development of a tool/algorithms to predict the availability (ready to depart) of trains to inform capacity management

Process Mining

Quantification of process impact on quality in fleet operations; identification of complexity and/or cost drivers from process data

On-board customer facilities

Innovative Illumination

Development of a holistic lighting concept for passenger cabins to save energy e.g. by reducing shadow zones caused by luggage and adapt illumination to weather condition.

Door drives & steering

Fresh ideas to repair and maintain doors to increase availabilty and reduce changeover time in stations


Implementation of an „emission-free“ HVAC-unit to be installed in train-driver-cabins of locomotives (cooling power 4kW)

New technologies

Entirely new technologies for the use in our sensitive customer facilities: fresh ideas for WC, entrance doors, HVAC, innovative lighting solutions…

Sensor solutions I

Door & WC monitoring

Sensors to monitor aspects of our train components; on-site computing systems and/or data transfer with off-site analysis

Stationary machinery monitoring

Deliver key machinery parameters into the „DB_cloud“ to inform our MRO-staff on location and status; possibly to attack predictive maintenance in this field

Autonomous remote sensing

Remotely deployed sensors require energy for data storage, transmission or edge computing; bring in your energy harvesting solutions

Tunnel monitoring

Sensor package to examine composure of materials behind tunnel walls before refurbishment/rebuilding

Sensor solutions II

High speed track sensing

Using trains as measurement units to automatically scan the surface of the track bed for damages

Waste disposal monitoring

Monitoring the WC tanks of trains to detect the level of fluids in order to ensure availability of toilets

Locomotive Cover Sensor

Development of a sensor that detects whether the coverage of the locomotive is open by working with a wireless sensor, possibly by using a light barrier, wind speed measurement, …

Passenger Counting

Tool to monitor the amount of passengers in trains by using sensors, image regognition etc. to improve capacity management of the fleet

Documentation solutions

Train documentation automation

Technical train documentation is delivered by OEMs in increasingly diverse forms; help us unify the resulting status quo into a common and searchable database

Norm conformity checks

Norming enables train usability across Europe via „TSI“-regulations; entering new regions trains require conformity-checks; help us build a tool for efficient conformity checks

Construction process documentation

Building depots or tracks requires detailed documentation for progress reporting and payment milestones; support the process efficiency by covering this workflow

3D-modeling of existing components

A simple idea: could our maintenance staff use mobile phones to generate precise 3D-models of components? Make the first step towards this vision with us!

Workflow support and process automation

Automated software testing

Testing new software releases on smartphones for robustness across phone types and OS-versions using automated process simulating the actual device environment

Automated hardware testing

Electronic railway components must withstand harsh environments like weather, vibrations & magnetic fields. Help us test components by simulating these environments

Hardware-tools availability

From screwdrivers to high-end machinery; make sure our maintenance crews do not lack any tools once at the site – help us to manage & track inventory

Brandnew Use Cases

Control Charts

Tool for statistical process control in order to monitor and visualize  the production process and it‘s efficiency for people with different technical knowledge

New materials /construction site safety

Protective fencing for easy attachment to rail body during works on neighbouring track in order to prevent construction workers from accidents

Engineering Collaboration Platform

Platform for engineers to unite engineer solution providers and faciliate workflow processes

Maintenance Roboter

Roboter that automatically cleans the underfloor of trains after crashs in order to prevent humans being exposed to dirt

HR 2020 (Application closed)


Application Deadline
Announcement Candidates
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Search Fields for HR 2020

Knowledge Management

Over 20.000 new employees each year and high fluctuation due to an aging staff are challenging us. We are looking for solutions to create, share, use and manage the knowledge within DB.


Support us in retaining valuable knowledge within the company.

Creation of Learning Content

Help us convert captured knowledge easily and user friendly to learning content.


Create a fun way to share, use and manage the knowledge within DB.

More Ideas?

You have visionary ideas how we can manage our knowledge best? We‘re happy to learn more.


A good business can only function with engaged employees. We want to create work environments that are not only beneficial to management and company leadership but employees as well.

Cultural Assessment

Help to build great diverse teams and improve employee engagement.

Virtual Assistants

We‘re open for everything from a virtual team member to a digital assistant that makes new work more accessible.

Feedback Tools

Cultural changes happen in everyday communication. We‘re looking for tools that make the feedback processes easier.

More Ideas?

You have brilliant other ideas how to improve the engagement and cultural change in a corporate? Get in touch!

Legal Tech

Contract and document management is a part of every day life, especially in the legal department of DB. We‘re looking for innovative solutions to simplify existing processes.

Automated Document Generation

Improve the processes of our legal department by providing a tool to generate legal documents easily.

Legal Q&A for employees

Make work contract information accessible by providing a Q&A platform for employees that are looking for individualized information.

Intelligent Contracts

Legislative changes bring a lot of changes in existing contracts along. Help us with this process by making contracts smart.

More Ideas?

You have other legal tech ideas that could bring value to DB? Tell us more…

Data Analytics

We want to make the most of our existing data and make the insights useful as useful for our internal processes as possible.

Recruiting Assistance

Help our recruiters find the most suitable candidates within the pool of applications.

HR Statistics

Bring our HR statistics to life by using state of the art AI that helps to focus on crucial information.

Prognostics of Health Data

We want to focus not only on analysing existing health data of the company but also on deriving effective measures.

More Ideas?

Data analytics gets more and more important. You have further ideas? We‘re open to learn more…

Process Optimization

Good processes enable employees to perform their work efficiently and more effectively. Help us optimate our processes with RPA to focus on what really matters.

Automation of checklists

Make checklists for the onboarding of employees digital and responsive.

Intelligent voice control

Help us with an intuitively usable, versatilely applicable and easy-to-integrate voice control.

Workflow-based absence planning

Make the coordination of absences easy and transparent with a digital solution  that considers several premises and regulations.

Individualization of fringe benefits

Make several fringe benefits transparent for  employees and enhance accessibility through a digital consultant.

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