During the DB mindbox 100-day program the startups develop a Proof of Concepts (PoC) for DB Regio in live train environment. Additionally, startups receive 25.000€ and access to a network of selected coaching and mentoring experts.

Search Fields Regional Traffic 2020:

Customer Retention & Acquisition

DB Regio wants to attract new regional traffic users and enhance its image and sense of safety, especially after the pandemic lockdown of covid 19. DB’s ability to attract and retain new passengers is related not only to our products or services, but also to the way we service our existing customers. Generating value as a result of utilizing our products and services creates reputation.

Attracting Regional Traffic Users 

Help us to attract (new) passengers, esp. from other modes of transport, like car users.

Safety Perception in pandemic times

Help us to increase the sense of safety for passengers in our trains through innovative technologies.

Tourist attractions along railway lines

Holidays in Germany: Many beautiful places are located along regional railway lines. Help us to highlight those opportunities to our customers.

New ways of communication

Using new ways to communicate with our customers and those that shall become to create reputation, e.g. in social networks.

New Services

Our core business focuses consistently on increased customer orientation and, accordingly, on improving product and service quality, not least through new digital technologies and services.

Info-/Entertainment & Shopping

Creating new info- & entertainment offers and mobile shop-in-shop solutions for commuters and travelers.

Loyalty Programs

Encouraging train passengers/ commuters and rewarding them.

Crowd Based Services

Encouraging consumers to take over specific services, e.g. by gamification tools to give feedback to train condition.

Data-based Services

You think you can improve our Regional Trains with new services? Send us your ideas!

Travel Information

DB Regio’s core service is to bring millions of passengers in regional transport each day to their desired destination in a punctual, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly way. Help us improving our customer information management by using existing data, specific tools, innovative technologies or smart processes.

Real time Information

New and customer oriented services for real time information, even in several languages

Routing & Navigation

Recommendations to ensure that our customers arrive at their destination even in the event of a disruption; but also for our operational staff for efficient navigation and route planning.

Passenger Counting & Guidance

Automatic passenger counting systems, reliable real-time data, also in order to optimize the processes of getting on and of the train for passengers, so that trains can depart on time.

Additional Ideas

You think you can bring travel information to the next level? Send us your ideas!

Intermodal Mobility

Help us to provide alternative and interconnected mobility solutions, also in the event of a disruption.

Interconnected Mobility Services

Simplify interconnected mobility for the first and last mile, linking sharing services or fellow travelers.

Employee Mobility

How can DB Regio help employers to offer their employees various modes of transport to get to their workplace?

Offers for rural areas

Provide new mobility and supply offers for the rural areas such as on demand services.

Additional Ideas

Do you have other ideas on how to move our regional passengers? We're eager to learn more about it.


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