Advances in digital technology and big data, new materials and energy and design approaches are creating a wave of innovation within the construction industry. Ride the wave and sign in for our next DB Accelerator "New Era of Construction Tech". Develop your prototype and business model with us and bring infrastructure projects on the next level. Get active in fields like:

Rail Network with  over 33,000 km 
More than 25,000 bridges
Over 700 tunnels 


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Collaborative Working

Collaborative working environment to provide and share information, e.g.

  • virtual work-spaces,
  • smart documents,
  • multi user solutions,
  • 3D-Modells and VR/AR applications
  • ...
Forecast Construction Costs & Deadlines

Analysing existing data and cost calculations of enclosed infrastructure projects for prediction. Support for the preliminary planning phase using

  • Big Data
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • ...
Observation & Prediction of Project Progress

Real time observation, analysis and presentation of project progress with

  • Drones
  • Sensors
  • Other monitoring systems
  • ... 

Forecast the impact on the construction progress caused by changes in planning or other deviations. 

Document Management

Digital document and content management, data collecting of relevant informations e.g.

  • Intelligent keyword-search
  • Smart storage and management of information
  • Smart 2D drawings
  • Planning and construction wiki
  • ...
Workflow Management

Improve the collaboration with government and regulation units, optimize and speed up workflows in the construction phase  e.g.

  • Smart software solutions
  • Construction App‘s for information sharing
  • Requirement management
  • … 
Public Participation & Communication

Make stakeholders participate actively in the planning process and let them know about the construction progress, e.g.

  • Communication platforms
  • Smart social media usage
  • Planning tools with gamification
  • Live/Real-time coverage of building progress (e.g. drones)
  • …  
Visualization of Existing Data

Analysis and georeferenced visualisation of external and internal data like

  • Geo Maps
  • Weather zones
  • Property relationships
  • Enviromental protection
  • Electro cables
  • Ground composition
  • …   

Help engineers collect all relevant data in one click.

Intuitive Planning

Planning takes time and requires lots of attention to details. Make engineering drawing more intuative through

  • New ways of engineering drawing and planning
  • Software solutions as expansions regarding to BIM
  • ...


Start Application
Application Deadline
Announcement of Pitch Candidates
Pitch Trainings
08.09.2017 - 11.09.2017
Pitch Event
Start Program
Coaching Weeks
16.10.2017 - 15.12.2017
Demo Day

Selection criteria

Driven, highly capable team of min. two persons

  • MVP or working concept already developed (early & late stage startups welcome)

  • Economically sound business model

  • Desire to develop an excellent prototype with Deutsche Bahn

  • Presence at our coworking space DB mindbox in Berlin

The Jury

In order to evaluate the startups, we selected a jury of internal and external experts.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Rompf

DB Netz

Board Member

Christa Koenen

DB Systel


Daniel Gärtner


Senior Manager Sales Europe

Chris Newiger

Deutsche Bahn

Head of Data Protection

Jens Bergmann

DB Engineering & Consulting


Sonja Jost



Daniel Hüfner

t3n Magazine

Editor Startups

Wulf Bickenbach


Lead Manager Ideation & Networking

Impressions Selection Day


Fotos: Markus Nass / Agentur Brauer für Deutsche Bahn AG