DB mindbox is looking for startups in the area of HR tech for our fourth program together with our Human Resources department. With the big shift towards remote work in 2020, the topics around the digital workplace as well as work life blending have gained importance. Next to this, we're also looking for innovative solutions and digital support for various other existing processes.

Develop your prototype and business model with us and bring our HR processes to the next level. Apply for topics in the areas of:


Learning is a life-long process, in the professional as well as the private life. We're looking for tools to support the professional training processes.

AI-based learning and analytics

Offer our employees individualized learning paths and help our HR department to analyze the current knowledge status of the company.


You're offering gamified learning approaches? We're eager to learn about them!

Crowd Intelligence

Especially during the development of new ideas or solutions, feedback is crucial. We're looking for solutions that make it easy for our employees to get feedback on their current ideas and projects.

More Ideas?

You have further ideas to bring our training processes to the next level? Tell us more..


Healthy and happy employees are the backbones of our company. We're looking for innovative solutions to support our employees in living a healthy life during their working hours and beyond.

Nutrition and diet

We're looking for innovations, that enable our employees easy access to healthy meals, also while working from home.

Digital Wellbeing

We're looking for solutions that foster the digital wellbeing of our employees, especially since personal life and worklife start to blend while working remotely.

Smart Devices

Help us take care of the long-term health of our operational personal during heavy manual work with your supporting device, e.g. exoskeletons.

More ideas?

You have other innovative ideas how to foster the health of our employees? We’re curious to learn more about your solution.


Communication is key, a big part of daily work and especially important since the shift to a high level of remote work.

Supportive communication for social media platforms

We're interested in tools and methods that help to prevent hurtful communication in our internal social media platform and support our employees in finding the right tone

New ways of HR communication

Communicating HR topics within the company is crucial for our HR department. We're looking for innovative digital solutions.

Internal Influencer

You have a solution how we can make our internal influencers more visible, especially internal, but also external? Then apply for our program!

Translation tool for railway specifics

We have a lot of railway-specific and even DB-specific terms in documentations and everyday communication. Since we're hiring internationally, it's important to have a tool that can translate those specific terms into various languages - think of it like a "Google translate for DB terminology".

Further areas of interest

There's more! Help us with your innovative solutions that fit our further areas of interest!


DB wants to increase the proportion of women within the workforce, especially in the area of operational jobs. Help us to support this with your digital idea!

Fringe Benefits

Simplify the access to fringe benefits for employees and enable them to choose the best fits.

Regional Disparity

DB offers jobs not only in the major cities, but also in rural areas that are less attractive for potential employees. Help us to level out the differences between attractive and less attractive areas and to make a switch to less attractive areas more appealing and accessible.

Furher Ideas?

You have a great idea or product that could make a huge difference for our HR department but is not detailed in the areas of interests above? Get in touch and apply for our program!


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