Human Resource Management is a big topic for Deutsche Bahn in 2020. The recruiting and onboarding of more than 20.000 new employees this year alone are only one of many examples for which we're looking for innovative technology to support the internal processes. Ride the wave and apply for our next program "HR 2020". Develop your prototype and business model with us and bring our HR processes to the next level. Get active in fields like:

Knowledge Management

Over 20.000 new employees each year and high fluctuation due to an aging staff are challenging us. We are looking for solutions to create, share, use and manage the knowledge within DB.


Support us in retaining valuable knowledge within the company.

Creation of Learning Content

Help us convert captured knowledge easily and user friendly to learning content.


Create a fun way to share, use and manage the knowledge within DB.

More Ideas?

You have visionary ideas how we can manage our knowledge best? We‘re happy to learn more.


A good business can only function with engaged employees. We want to create work environments that are not only beneficial to management and company leadership but employees as well.

Cultural Assessment

Help to build great diverse teams and improve employee engagement.

Virtual Assistants

We‘re open for everything from a virtual team member to a digital assistant that makes new work more accessible.

Feedback Tools

Cultural changes happen in everyday communication. We‘re looking for tools that make the feedback processes easier.

More Ideas?

You have brilliant other ideas how to improve the engagement and cultural change in a corporate? Get in touch!

Legal Tech

Contract and document management is a part of every day life, especially in the legal department of DB. We‘re looking for innovative solutions to simplify existing processes.

Automated Document Generation

Improve the processes of our legal department by providing a tool to generate legal documents easily.

Legal Q&A for employees

Make work contract information accessible by providing a Q&A platform for employees that are looking for individualized information.

Intelligent Contracts

Legislative changes bring a lot of changes in existing contracts along. Help us with this process by making contracts smart.

More Ideas?

You have other legal tech ideas that could bring value to DB? Tell us more…

Data Analytics

We want to make the most of our existing data and make the insights useful as useful for our internal processes as possible.

Recruiting Assistance

Help our recruiters find the most suitable candidates within the pool of applications.

HR Statistics

Bring our HR statistics to life by using state of the art AI that helps to focus on crucial information.

Prognostics of Health Data

We want to focus not only on analysing existing health data of the company but also on deriving effective measures.

More Ideas?

Data analytics gets more and more important. You have further ideas? We‘re open to learn more…

Process Optimization

Good processes enable employees to perform their work efficiently and more effectively. Help us optimate our processes with RPA to focus on what really matters.

Automation of checklists

Make checklists for the onboarding of employees digital and responsive.

Intelligent voice control

Help us with an intuitively usable, versatilely applicable and easy-to-integrate voice control.

Workflow-based absence planning

Make the coordination of absences easy and transparent with a digital solution  that considers several premises and regulations.

Individualization of fringe benefits

Make several fringe benefits transparent for  employees and enhance accessibility through a digital consultant.


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