DB mindbox is excited to announce the upcoming Construction Tech Batch – this year already for the 4th time. Our strong partners are again DB Netz and DB Engineering & Consulting!

Startups get the chance to customize and live test their solution to solve real challenges DB is facing. What you get? 100 days, access to real data, real projects and real project managers, access to a network of selected coaching and mentoring experts and additionally 25.000€ no equity taken. This is a great opportunity to lay the foundation for joint projects and successful long-term collaborations with Deutsche Bahn AG.

In 2020 we are diving deeper into innovations that disrupt the phases of planning and management during construction.




Advanced solutions for anti-noise and anti-vibration

Noise and vibration caused by passing trains or construction sites are a pain for local neighborhoods and pose a serious threat to the stability of adjacent buildings. Moreover, looking at infrastructure expansion plans, it also leads to project delays, holds or even cancellations. Existing solutions are often expensive and insufficient offering room for new ideas and scientific back-up.

Noise protection along tracks and construction sites

We are looking for any kind of innovative noise barriers – more durable ones along tracks or more adjustable ones for construction sites. This includes special solutions for “noise hotspots” e.g. at bridges or turns. Additionally, we are keen on trying out active noise solutions and pioneering methods to measure noise along tracks. Also solutions for citizens linving nearby, like sound-proof windows are welcome.

Appealing designs for noise protection solutions

Gazing into nature is an important aspect of the travel experience with Deutsche Bahn. Necessary noise protection barriers should hence be as appealing as possible, blending into the landscape, integrating plants or progressive materials and designs. Inside the train, augmented windows are imaginable.

Vibrational barriers alongside tracks and construction sites

Vibrations of trains or construction work are distressing for neighborhoods and are causing long-term damage to infrastructure such as buildings. We are especially interested in countermeasures that can be easily installed alongside already existing track infrastructure..

Noise and vibration: combined solutions

You have developed a combined solution, that addresses anti-noise and anti-vibration? Wonderful! Tell us more.

Advanced sensors for Construction Tech

Sensor technology brings huge benefits to construction projects. This year our focus is on safety: employee health and well-being, ground stability and conditions as well as an acceleration of inspections that depend on track closings.

Tools, wearables and devices for work and construction safety

Your startup has developed a sensor solution that can increase safety on construction sites? Tell us more about your connected system that emits warnings automatically in real time - no matter if it is a tool, wearable or device.

Geodesy: detection and evaluation of ground conditions and stability

Ground conditions and earth movement can be a challenge for construction projects. Monitoring and analysis is hence crucial to ensure stability. Solutions can for example include the application of radar or satellite images.

Technology assisted final inspection of track infrastructure

After track inspection, maintenance or installation that depend on a track closure, a final approval is needed before traffic can come back on track. We are looking for sensor solutions that can assist this process to make it faster and more efficient. Moreover, sensores or smart tools that can assist in installing and checking balises at tracks are of interest to us.

Other solutions?

Does your startup work on any other visionary idea how sensors can improve construction site conditions or the progress of construction projects in the future? Please tell us about it - we‘re happy to learn more

Smart simulation and visualization of traffic flows and infrastructure

BIM is already used as a standard tool for planning construction projects at DB Netz and DB E&C. In this’ years Construction Tech program, we want to bring BIM to the next level: AR or VR extensions or the simulation of different scenarios are of interest to us.

Simulation of traffic flows and infrastructure

We are looking for startups that can simulate traffic flows and infrastructure during different phases of construction projects. How are for example construction logistics manageable or different construction tasks performable? How is traffic moving after construction is finished? Is your solution also connectable with BIM? Even better.

BIM-based visualization „to-go“ (with AR)

To make visualizations ready for mobile demonstrations for citizens, AR is an option. An example could be an on-site AR-demonstration of different noise protection barriers shown on a smartphone or tablet. Visualizing different scenarios or cross sections would be an add on.

VR-twin for construction sites

Can you create virtual reality twins of construction sites that allow free movement on site? Can you apply your experience that you gained in the gaming industry on top? Great! We are looking forward to learning about your solution.

More Ideas?

You have other great solutions applicable for visualizing or simulating traffic flows or infrastructure? Your Startup brings innovative add-ons for BIM? Tell us more!

online civic engagement and online hearings

Speaking about the planning of construction projects, one big milestone is the planning approval. However, this process is – until now – conducted quite analogue. We strongly belief that time can be saved, and processes can become more efficient once the digital era is introduced here. Can you support us bringing planning approvals, hearings, civic engagement and citizen participations into the 21st century?

Intelligent document map and paperless construction management

We are looking for solutions that allow a paperless management of construction projects, applying folders, templates and an easy to use interface that is accessible for different stakeholders or contractors. Can your solution furthermore read out contents of documents from different sources and set up automated workflows and plausibility checks? We are eager to learn about your ideas.

Crowd participation and management as part of an e-democracy

Your startup provides an advanced solution for an extra secure, GDPR compliant crowd participation and can enable digital polls? Your software can act as a digital bouncer, engagement tracker and transcript writer in one solution? E-democracy is a topic we are keen to dive into.

Intelligent support for legal compliance

For finding precedent cases and statements we are looking for startups that can set up an intelligent digital data base featuring semantics and AI. On top it should provide FAQs for legal questions and recommendations would be an add-on.

More Ideas?

You have other ideas that would bring a benefit to digital hearings or events? We are curious to learn what you have to offer!


Application Deadline
Announcement of Candidates
Selection day
Start of Program
Midterms @BIM World Munich
24.11.2020 - 25.11.2020
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