Unser Fokus

Ihr habt eine innovative Idee, die perfekt zu Bahnhöfen passt? Euer Konzept bietet Reisenden und Besuchern einen einzigartigen Mehrwert für große oder kleine Mobilitätsdrehscheiben? Dann suchen wir genau euch! In dieser Runde suchen wir wieder Startups im Bereich Einzelhandel, Food und Dienstleistungen. Unser Ziel ist es, das Kundenerlebnis und die Servicequalität an Bahnhöfen zu verbessern.


Startup-Programm Fokus Bahnhöfe 2019 - Bewerbungsschluss 4. August: https://dbmindbox.com/de/dbstartupxpress/batches/startupxpress-application-neu-kopie-1/ 

Workshop Hauptbahnhof Münster - 4. Juli: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/austausch-und-vernetzungsworkshop-munster-hbf-tickets-62949409378

Challenge Wernigerode - 8.-10. August: https://dbmindbox.com/de/db-challenge/challenge/digitale-tourismusinfos-der-zukunft/

Meet@Hauptbahnhof Halle (Saale) - 13. August: https://dbmindbox.com/de/event/e/meethalle-saale-hbf-db-mindbox-startup-event/

Smart City Bahnhof Charlottenburg - Sommer  und Herbst 2019 / Sommer 2020: https://smartcity.db.de/places#pop-up-cubes - werde zum Cubes-Mieter!

Smart City Hackathon Hamburg - 1.&2. November 2019:  https://dbmindbox.com/de/event/e/3-its-hackathon-hamburg/

Dezember 2019 - Angebote am Zukunftsbahnhof Münsterhttps://bahnhof-muenster.commonplace.is/about


Application Deadline
11.04.2021 - 04.08.2019
Announcement Candidates
Selection day (tbc.)
Start of Program
End of Program
Portfolio Day

Search Fields Train Stations 2019

To bring innovation and digitalization into our train stations, we are currently looking for new ideas and solutions. 

Customer Stay

Support us to offer a pleasant layover in our train stations for daily commuters as well as casual travelers.

Lighting Concepts

Help us to adopt innovative and sustainable lightning concepts which create a pleasant atmosphere in our train stations.

Waiting Areas

 Design waiting spaces that match the needs of our guests, ranging from comfy to productive, by offering sustainable furniture or digital services.


Do you know how to transform a train station in to a recognizable area by creating a unique microclimate?

Pop-up Store Concepts (Food & Non-Food)

Help us to bring changing services or products into our pop-up stores or to offer sustainable store-concepts (Indoor and outdoor). We are also interested to learn more about how to manage changing offers or concept spaces.

Wayfinding System

Train stations and their surroundings can be complex systems. Help our guests to easy find their way around.


Offer your solutions for innovative routing in and around train stations

Sign posting

Simplify sign postings with your adjustable and multilingual product

Digital Services

Do you offer a digital service that provides an additional benefit for our guests while traveling or visiting train stations? Wayfinding or improving waiting times generally are topics that are of interest here.

Additional Ideas

Do you have other ideas on how to support guidance or wayfinding in and around train stations? We're eager to learn more about it!

Intermodal Mobility

Simplify interconnected mobility for the first and last mile

Bicycle parking

Help us to bring bicycle parking to a new level by (for example) providing real-time information of available parking spots. We would love to make arriving by bike easier for travelers as well as visitors of our train stations. 

Connected Mobility

Link sharing services or fellow travelers with a focus on e-mobilty in urban as well as rural areas.

Additional Ideas

Do you have other ideas on how to make our train stations greener? We're eager to learn more about it!


As a green mobility provider, DB has the goal to drive sustainability continuously forward not just with our trains but also in and around train stations.

Waste Management / Reduction

Do you have an adaptable systems which we can offer our tenants in our train stations to optimize waste management?

Green Solutions for our Customers

Looking at the described topics above (customer stay, wayfinding, interconnected mobility) green ideas or solutions are very welcome and highly appreciated.

Additional Idea

Do you have other ideas on how to make our train stations greener? We're eager to learn more about it!