Our goals

Deutsche Bahn runs more than 5.400 train stations, that require cleaning services. DB Services GmbH is providing cleaning services for station buildings and platforms using different technologies. Additionally DB Services wants to incorporate cleaning robots as a new efficient and cost-effective advanced technology to further their cause of providing utmost cleanliness to the railway environment. 

What we are looking for

Automated service (indoor orientation, automated routes, charging & dirty water handling)

Man-machine interaction (operation, care, maintenance, passing passengers, vandalizm protection & alerting, manual service) 

Performance at high efficiency (good cleaning results, low life cycle costs)

Current cleaning procedure:

Currently, DB Services cleans the stations with conventional scrubber dryers during the night. The process works as follows: First of all, bulky waste such as broken glass, discarded paper and packagings, are manually removed from the floor. In order to prepare the dryer, it needs to be filled with water and detergent and relocated to the servicing area before use. During cleaning, continuous checks are made by the servicing user to ensure that all serviced areas are fully cleaned. The machines will eventually have to be relocated back to the charging station after its cleaning cycle, where drainage of waste water and machine checks take place. Finally, it is reconnected back to the charging station until the next cycle of use.

Current Status and Objective:

DB has taken its first steps to approach automated cleaning solutions. Contact with relevant startups involved in automated cleaning has been established by DB Services, with one team already presenting an automated scrubber dryer.

In Spring 2017, a demo was organized at Berlin Lichtenberg Station, during which DB Services has decided to propose to one of the startups to have their prototype adapted to the needs of DB until the end of 2017. In order to incorporate more innovative cleaning technologies into DB Services, we therefore organize the Automated Cleaning:challenge. From this event, we hope to expose DB Services to many of the existing technical solutions, as well as allow them to learn about the different players and current commercial offers within the industry.

Find detailed information about how cleaning is done today, which rules have to be followed and what an automated system should fulfil. Material in German and English. 


Apply for the Challenge

Corporations, inventors and startups can apply to present their automated scrubber dryers. Anybody that has an existing prototype or has the capability to deliver automated machines is also welcome to apply for the challenge.

Inside the application, we would need to have detailed technical and commercial information, as well as the proposed approach of automated wet cleaning of DB stations. For more details of the technical and commercial information that is required, please refer to the download materials on this webpage.

From these applications, a jury of experts will then select eligible teams for the live test in a DB Station at the end of the year.

Functional & Commercial Evaluation:

On Information Day, all selected teams will be given a preparatory information session about the location and the details of the test condition to prepare them for the test. The test takes places at the end of the year in a DB train station. Invited teams will then showcase their prototypes and solutions under the test scenarios planned by DB. A jury of experts will then rate each team's product based on their cleaning performance, interaction with customers and its servicing team (functional examination).

Commercial offers with individual teams will subsequently come under detailed discussion until the end of January 2018, and finally, the most suitable offers will be selected and awarded with a two year framework supplier agreement from Deutsche Bahn.


Promotion of your prototype inside DB

2 year framework supplier agreement

Exchange to further advance prototype


Application deadline
Announcement of Participants (tbd)
Information Day (tbd)
Functional test of promising prototypes in a DB station
Evaluation of test & commercial offer
31.01.2018 - 28.02.2018
Announcement of the winners

Find impressions and pictures of the demo at station Berlin Lichtenberg with two startups.