The focus

Deutsche Bahn was looking for startups specializing in retail and services that had new fresh business ideas for our stations. The goal? Improving the customers' experience through quality service. Next Station offered entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to test their products in our train stations.

The jury

In order to evaluate the startups, we selected a jury of internal and external experts.

Anna Alex

Outfittery GmbH

Founder and CEO

Andreas Bürgler

DB Station&Service AG

Head of Operations

Andreas Hamprecht

DB Station&Service AG

Head of Business Development

Clemens Kabel

IBB Beteiligungs GmbH

Investment Director

Horst Mutsch

DB Station&Service AG

Head of commercial renting

Futoshi Sano

East Japan Railway Company

Manager Life-Style Business Development

Andreas Stammnitz

dfv Mediengruppe

Director Digital Business

The audience

Your voice - the joker


Application deadline
Pitch training
13.05.2016- 13.05.2016


Past Batches

#2 Batch

01.08.2016 | Betahaus, Berlin

We were looking for startups that could add value to any part of the Deutsche Bahn infrastructure, from railroad network to shopping areas within train stations.

#1 Batch

01.07.2016 | Betahaus, Berlin

On Jul. 23rd, 2015 we hosted our 1st pitch at betahaus, Berlin.