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DB mindbox opens its doors periodically for a matchmaking event called "meet@mindbox".The idea is to match startups or founders with the "right" business units and decision makers of Deutsche Bahn. Startups exclusively have the chance to present their idea within 3 minutes on stage (mini pitch) to a DB internal audience. Afterwards there's time to get in touch with DB experts at an inhouse exhibition.

meet@mindbox Feburary 2016

meet@mindbox June 2016

Dates meet@mindbox

  • meet@mindbox #1 at 02/11/2016
  • meet@mindbox #2 at 06/30/2016
  • meet@mindbox #3 at 01/12/2016
Family and Friends meetup – for DB mindbox community only

We regularly invite our starups, DB collegues, friends and external guests to exchange with us @ DB mindbox, have beer & pizza, play kicker or just enjoy the open atmosphere.  

Sundowner – by invitation only

The DB Sundowner is a format to support the exchange of founders, young and mature corporations about innovation. The idea is to create an open atmosphere to learn about the special needs and solutions of the participants and discuss about the potencial for cooperation.

DB mindbox is delighted to organize this kind of workshops and help DB business units to exchange with young founders, entrepreneurs and innovation officers of coroprates or SMEs. After introduction and a moderated discussion or workshop there will be enough time to exchange with the participants. Talks about future possibilities while looking at the river Spree with a glass of beer or wine - that defines the very heart of this format: "sundowner".

Future Mobility Camp: September 21st 2016 DB mindbox

Launched in 2013, the Future Mobility Camp has grown into a successful networking event in the mobility and logistics sectors. In this event entrepreneurs, executives and investors established new business relationships as well as gained insight into the latest proven concepts. In 2016 DB was co-organizer of the “Future Mobility Camp Berlin 2016” to foster relations, especially with accelerators from Israel, and to promote the DB Accelerator program of DB mindbox.

On the 21st of September the Israeli ambassador opened the Future Mobility Camp Berlin 2016 at DB mindbox. Afterwards, a representative of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany gave a speech. The program started with the introduction of the Israeli accelerators “ecoMotion” and “capsula” followed by an introduction of DB mindbox with the DB Accelerator. 18 startups mainly from these accelerators presented their business models, solutions and prototypes at the intersection of transportation, IT, energy and urban planning. The Israeli startup Rail Vision from capsula is currently part of the forth batch of the DB Accelerator. They are working on a visual warning system for trains to detect dangers on the track before the driver does.

At the final panel discussion the successful Israeli startup “Gett” and representatives from the industry discussed the role of startups in corporate innovation, forms of cooperation and the pitches of the day. The event was attended by 170 visitors, who enjoyed the pitches and discussions.

more to come..